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Stephen Emerson, LCSW
Counseling, Psychotherapy

When the challenges of life become overwhelming, working with a compassionate therapist can be helpful.

I offer an approach to counseling and psychotherapy that values your uniqueness and encourages the development of individuation, balance, and wholeness in your life. It is a collaborative process of self-discovery which can facilitate access to your inner strength, wisdom, and potential for growth, healing, and change. It can lead to improved relationships, increased happiness, equanimity, and greater satisfaction with life.

I will work with you using an integrated approach which means I draw from many different therapeutic models according to what is called for by the issues you are dealing with, and what fits you. Mindfulness (especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT) and depth psychology are my primary approaches and I make use of meditation, music, dream work, spiritual exploration and EMDR. I bring life experience, experience in the musical arts, training and experience as a psychotherapist, and a fascination with and reverence for the human journey to the process. You can always expect respect, deep listening, and true presence in our sessions together.

Because of my experience as a professional musician, I bring a unique perspective to the treatment of performance anxiety for musicians and other performers, both student and professional. Mindfulness, EMDR, visualization, relaxation, and many other techniques are utilized and taught in sessions related to this issue.

If I can be of service to you or someone you care about, please call or email for information, assistance, or an appointment.

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