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When you notice any of the following becoming problematic or undermining your personal, professional, or educational potential, psychotherapy or counseling can help you discover more effective ways to handle:

  • Life transitions - personal and spiritual growth, career/educational change or development, goal setting, midlife crisis, aging

  • Stress - related to life transitions, occupational or educational issues or "burn out," single parenting, general life overload

  • Emotional difficulties - anxiety, depression, excessive anger or jealousy, grief, panic attacks, phobias

  • Performance anxiety - for musicians, actors, artists, or public presenters (see Specialty at left)

  • Low self esteem - feelings of insecurity, shyness, worthlessness, lack of assertiveness, body image related distress

  • Addictive behaviors - relating to food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work

  • Relationship problems - marital, couples, family issues; parenting; communication problems; difficulties in getting along with co-workers or bosses; boundary issues; divorce

  • Abuse issues - past or present emotional, physical, or sexual abuse

  • Trauma - distress related to past or recent traumatic experiences

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